Ravenloft Campaign: Woven Fates

Tonight, I relate the story of a group of strangers that met here in the Land of Mists and, forced by destiny, wandered its roads in formidable adventure. Join us as I lead you from their first meeting along through their travels, their misfortunes and their shining moments. Grace them with your compassion in their losses; bless them with your support when the sky is dark and bleak. Do not forget to bestow your praise upon them as they vanquish terror and hold back the minions of darkness. Raise your arm to cheer for their victories!
And above all, share your glass with us for them, both in sorrow and elation, as you accompany them in the thorny road from lost adventurers to heroes of the mists.

Come, huddle with us by the fire here in the dark. The night is cold, but within the ring of Vardos, its evils cannot touch us. Tonight, you are a guest of the Vistani and nothing will harm you. Come, the Prastonata is over and now is time for the Doroq. Let the tales now unfold, let the revelations begin...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Evangelina Periesz (Eva)

Evangelina (Eva for short) is an athletic and attractive young woman. She has black eyes set on a fair light skin, and her red hair gives her an appearance quite out of the ordinary. She is not very tall, but is muscular and well-shaped, and has trained her body both in strength and agility. She is a bit rough in her handling of people, without the romantic ways of city-ladies. She is mostly shy, but of late she has shown signs of wanting to come out of the shell and become bolder. She has always manifested an aversion to marriage, albeit not to men, and a strong curiosity of the world beyond her inn and the woods she knows from childhood.

Antonín Periesz is the eldest son of Popov Periesz, a well-known and well-liked innkeeper in both Keshgel and Ingelberg. He ran an inn called "The Walking Knight" that stood in the high road between Kleinstadt and the shunned Old Cathedral, which haunted the triple crossroads or Irvanika - the confluence of roads coming from Kleinstadt, Ingelberg and Keshgel. This road was the only coming from all the western countries leading directly to Falkovnia and from Kleinstadt a branch followed to Borca, thus the inn benefited from a steady afflux of merchants and travellers which made The Walking Knight prosper through generations.

Being the eldest, Antonín became the heir of Popov and thus the next innkeeper, when his father died. Antonín was married to Karlya Hoztov, second daughter of Josquin Hoztov, instead of her elder sister who died of pneumonia days before the arranged match. They lived at the inn. Antonín's brother, Boris, left for Keshgel after his own marriage.
Four years later, Karlya got pregnant and a girl was born: Evangelina, strangely with red hair. It was unknown in the family, but Popov claimed he had a grand-mother that was also red-haired and that Eva (for short) had taken the trait from her.
Eva grew at the inn, learning about the household chores very early. But the place was not entirely safe. Some of the guests were less than honoured people, and there always had been stories about the dangers of the night. Thus, Antonín wrote to Boris inviting him to come to live at the inn. This agreed, under the condition that he could work his trade as he did in Keshgel, as a blacksmith. Boris and Nadia, his wife, had a son, called Drulovic, and he and Eva became very attached and the closest friends in the world. They spent most of the day together, but at night Nadia taught both of them all she knew about the nature and healing herbs. It was during these lessons that she found that Eva had some healing power of herself, but they never understood where that power came from. Surely, it wasn't from divine inclination, for Eva had none.
Boris was not only a blacksmith but also a skilled hunter, and many times he ventured into the woods learning all there was to learn about them. When Drulovic was ten years old (Eva was only a few months older than Drulovic), Boris started to teach him in the arts of the wood, fight and the handling of the sword. After an incident at the inn where Eva and Drulovic behaved bravely, he began to teach her also, at the request of Karlya.
In the time they both could spare from the tasks at the inn, Eva and Drulovic continued happily with their training under Boris. Eva was given a beautiful mare, named Cal, and trained her to obey her voice.
Meanwhile, two new boys had been born at the inn: Mikhail, Eva's brother, and Feofar, Drulovic's.
When Eva turned eighteen, her father decided to marry her, but Eva was reluctant to the idea. Every prospect that Antonín found was scared away by pranks and other less pleasant accidents caused purposefully by Eva, Drulovic and their brothers. Only her aunt knew the true reason why she didn't want to marry: she was too attached to Drulovic, and afraid that marrying someone would take her away from him. But that time came, at last, when Drulovic himself married Thérèze and moved to live in Keshgel. Eva was twenty years old, and after that, she became sadder and more reclusive. But four years later, she received a letter from Drulovic asking her to join him in Keshgel, for he was needing her advice and companionship.


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